Road Rail Access Points (RRAPs)

As part of our crossings service, we provide installation of Road Rail Access Points (RRAPs). These solid rubber panels provide access over the railway, enabling plant and machinery to travel over the tracks whilst other work is underway. We are one of the leading installers of RRAPs, with this type of work making up the majority of the crossings work we do.

Our experts are able to advise on the best products to meet our client’s needs, arranging site visits where necessary. We cater for most track types, working with leading manufacturers Strail and Rosehill Rail. Our services cover supply, delivery, installation and removal. We also offer RRAP hire which can be used on a short or long term basis. Where necessary, we are able to provide regular safety inspections of the RRAPs, ensuring they remain fit for purpose and free from defects that could compromise safety.

 We have a dedicated and highly skilled installation team who are able to offer additional services. These include troughing, troughing protection and concrete access ramps.

Request Details

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