Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is a vital part of maintaining railway efficiency and keeping track side workers safe. Managing the balance between the environment and safety is an important part of this work. LCI Rail’s experienced staff provide de-vegetation of both the track side and also areas alongside the railway.

Our de-vegetation teams are fully qualified with PTS, chainsaw, strimmer and chipper operators. We have many years experience of carrying out vegetation management works. This includes track side de-vegetation for either maintenance or in preparation for other works to take place. We also clear vegetation to create space for new infrastructure or maintenance of other areas alongside the railway, such as compounds.

The railway has a rich biodiversity recognised as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Our staff are trained to recognise wildlife and plant species protected by law at SSSIs. We are also mindful of invasive or harmful plant life which pose a potential risk to the environment or our workers. Our environmental awareness enables us to minimise the impact we have on wildlife whilst providing a quality service.

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